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Spade drill insert, 15/16″ Dia, For spade drilling, Seat Size 1

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SKU: IC-SZ1-I0937-50XH


132 ° Point carbide spade drill insert

Insert Material: Carbide

Workpiece Material Code: P

Product package: Spade Drill Insert Set (10pcs)


Maximize Efficiency with iCarbide Indexable Spade Drill Inserts

When it comes to high-speed CNC machining, our carbide indexable inserts shine as the preferred choice. Engineered for durability and precision, they seamlessly integrate with your machinery, providing consistent, high-quality results.
Experience the transformative impact of the right insert grain in your drilling processes. Elevate efficiency and precision with iCarbide’s premium indexable spade drill inserts, expertly crafted for professional machining.

Key Advantages


These inserts are designed to adapt to multiple specifications of shovel cutter bars, providing versatility in your drilling operations.


The advanced insert grain, carefully selected for each application, ensures superior cutting precision and extended tool life, leading to exceptional workpiece quality.


Indexable inserts offer quick and easy replacement, minimizing downtime and maximizing your machining efficiency.


With their long-lasting performance and ease of maintenance, our indexable inserts offer a cost-effective solution for your drilling needs.

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SDI Measurement system


SDI Material


SDI Diameter


SDI Thickness

3.97 (5/32")

SDI Connector Code


SDI Workpiece Material Code


SDI Coating