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9.50~11.49mm diameter, 111mm max death, Side-fixed shank indexable spade drill with spiral groove

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SKU: IC-B-SLHY0-ML020-111N


Product package: Spade Drill 1pcs

Drill diameter (mm): 9.50~11.49mm



Maximize Efficiency with iCarbide Indexable Spade Drill Inserts

A spade drill is a specialized cutting tool designed for precision drilling applications. It is known for its unique flat, broad shape resembling a spade or shovel, which sets it apart from conventional twist drills. This distinctive design offers several advantages that make it a popular choice in various industries.
Shank TypeGroove TypeDrill Insert Range
Drill Depth
Body Length
Tool Ref. Length
Overall Length
Shank Diameter
Shank Length
Pipe Tap
Side-fixedStraight flute9.50~11.49mm1948509616481/16"
Side-fixedStraight flute9.50~11.49mm32616411120501/8"
Side-fixedSpiral flute9.50~11.49mm60909214020501/8"
Side-fixedSpiral flute9.50~11.49mm11114114319120501/8"
Side-fixedStraight flute9.50~11.49mm22225225430220501/8"
Side-fixedStraight flute9.50~11.49mm29032032237020501/8"
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Key Advantages

Efficient Chip Removal

The flat geometry of the spade drill allows for efficient chip removal during drilling, reducing the risk of clogs and ensuring smooth drilling operations.

Reduced Axial Resistance

Compared to standard drill bits, spade drills typically generate lower axial resistance. This reduces the force required during drilling and minimizes wear on the drill and workpiece.


Spade drills can be used with a variety of materials, from metals to plastics and composites, making them versatile tools suitable for a wide range of projects.

Quick and Easy Replacement

Many spade drills use indexable inserts, allowing for quick and straightforward insert changes, saving time and enhancing productivity.

High Precision

Spade drills are engineered for precision. They excel in creating accurate holes with consistent dimensions, making them ideal for applications where precision is critical.

Suitable for High-Speed Machining

Spade drills are well-suited for high-speed machining applications, where they can deliver fast and efficient results without compromising precision.

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SD Measurement system


SD Shank Type

Side-fixed shank

SD Connector Code


SD Groove Type

Spiral groove

SD Drill Diameter


SD Shank Diameter


SD Max Drill Depth


SD Body Length


SD Shank Length


SD Overall Length


SDI Screw


SDI Wrench


SD Cooing Nozzle Thread