High Precision ER Collets

 iCarbide Cutting Tools 

We select all ER collet from high precision ISO90001 supplier, We do 100% QC each collet before shipping to customer

We provide three grade run out precision  up 3μm, up to 5μm and up to 10μm

Full size available

ER8 collet   ( 1/32-3/16)

ER9 collets  ( 1/32-1/4)

ER11 collets( 1/16-1/4)

ER16 collets (1/16-3/8)

ER20 collets (1/16-1/2)

ER25 collets (1/16-5/8)

ER32 collets (1/16-3/4)

ER40 collets  ((3/16-1″)

ER50 collets ((3/16-1.25″)

ER60 collets((1/4-1.5″)

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March 3, 2015

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